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What is Freestyle Deep Tissue Massage

By Breathe Team | Oct 31, 2019

As at the end of 2018, about 15.4 million adults and 385,000 children  have used massage therapies and the number keeps rising every year. The figures show the effectiveness of massage therapies; if they were not productive, not many people would still be using massage therapies or come as recurring customers. More effective is the deep tissue massage.

Deep tissue massage is a massage therapy that uses the basic massage strokes, but with more pressure than the regular message. As the name implies, the deep tissue massage works on a deeper level, reaching layers of muscles and tendons, and other tissues under the skin. The freestyle deep tissue massage is specifically directed to ease pain and stress out of the body. A therapist uses slow, deliberate strokes to direct pressure on the ‘stiff’ body parts. This treatment is known to be capable of relieving chronic patterns of body pains and tensions.

How Deep Tissue Massage Works
The freestyle deep muscle massage typically begins with a welcome treat that uses warm towels to cleanse and balance the body. After this, the main procedure begins by applying deep and focused pressure on the back and legs to ease muscular stress and tension. An appropriate oil for your need would be used during the massage. Ideally, your head will be allowed to rest on a comforting pillow.

Benefits of Freestyle Deep Tissue Massage

This massage can relax your body and mind in different ways and on multiple levels. 

Many times, we try to stretch our bodies to ease pain. Some other times, we try to touch or massage painful parts of our bodies to ease pains just because we feel it is going to work. However, can you ease pains in your lower or upper back? How would you reach the deep parts of your body to ease out pains? Well, not to worry, having an in-house massage therapist to take you through the freestyle deep tissue massage can help you get over these pains in a very short time.

According to a study published in the Journal of Research in Medical Sciences, plantar fasciitis remains the most common heel pain source, causing up to about 15% of most posterior calf muscle conditions. Deep tissue massage can effectively eliminate this pain.

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It can improve movements around stiff joints.

By searching for “a professional massage therapist near me”, you can get yourself an appointment with a licensed therapist to come over for an in-home therapeutic deep tissue massage session, although it is easier to get a massage therapist near you via an on-demand massage app. A licensed therapist knows what and how to work on various parts of your body to ease stiff parts. This stiffness may arise from deep cuts that may have damaged muscles or tendons. When done rightly, in a couple of minutes to a couple of days, your affected body parts will enjoy a greater range of movements. This could be in the hip or the shoulder area.

It can improve the functionality of the heart and lungs. 

Research has shown that freestyle deep tissue massage can improve body functioning, even those of internal organs. A prolonged study is noted; therein, deep massage therapy increased the respiratory capacity of the lungs, which eventually reduces the rate at which people are stressed out.

Furthermore, it helps to lower overcharging blood pressure from the heart. After getting a deep tissue massage, lowered systolic and diastolic pressure is guaranteed, with a less-running heartbeat.

The freestyle technique offers a more effective form of stress relief from muscles. With everyone, literally, working around the clock (almost) every day of the week, stress is imminent. Since getting stress relief is paramount, having a masseuse or masseur come over your place is more perfect. You can use the massage on-demand app.

Things to Consider for freestyle deep tissue massage.

It is normal to have questions such as ‘things to consider before having a deep tissue massage’. Answering related questions would help anyone to know if they are eligible for a deep tissue massage.

How frequent can you take freestyle deep tissue massage? 

The question of how often should you get a deep tissue massage is dependent on different persons and why they want it. For people with chronic aches and pains, their sessions can be close to each other while starting and can further dilate as improvement is noticed in the body. The frequency should go from weekly to monthly. How active you are, as a client, determines the effectiveness of the process in their healing.

Let your massage therapist know if you have any pain in your joint or any other thing that may cause discomfort before the procedure starts.

Who should not have a freestyle deep tissue massage?

First off, anyone undertaking blood-thinning (chemo)therapy should steer clear of deep tissue massage. Also, people with conditions such as lymphoedema, osteoarthritis, or quick blood clotting should not partake in the deep tissue work. Are you pregnant? This massage isn’t for you. You should go for some other types of massage suitable for you.

Are there side effects to deep tissue massage?

Yes, there can be. And the side effects vary from one person to another. The intensity can also be mild or sore, after the session. Some of the effects include bruises, a little bit of discomfort or nausea. It is important to know that most times, these consequences are unintended and do not mean the masseur/masseuse is unskilled. However, in case of persistent pains, reach out to your therapist or doctor.
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