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The Therapeutic Benefits of Lymphatic Massage

By Breathe Team | Nov 06, 2019

Have you ever wondered about what the benefits of lymphatic massage are? You must have. It is, most likely, why you are here. So, here is a recap about lymphatic massage and then the therapeutic benefits.

Lymphatic massage is one of the many forms of massage. However, the uniqueness of this type of massage is that it aims to remove toxins from the body by opening up the lymphatic system to allow the flow of the lymph fluid. The lymph fluid carries metabolic wastes and toxins to the lymph nodes. This system, although important, can be clogged up from a number of conditions including stress, dehydration, accidents, infection, and excess fat deposits. The implication of this is swollen glands around different parts of the body. This condition is known as lymphedema.

The Benefits of Lymphatic MassageTo treat the aforementioned health conditions, the lymphatic massage, also known as lymphatic drainage massage is helpful. Well, not just that, the lymphatic massage can also solve some other therapeutic purposes as explained below:

Revitalization of the entire body: It restores energy to the feeling of tiredness and numbness that may occasionally build up in the body as a result of accumulated stress.

For healing: The lymphatic therapeutic massage is helpful to heal pains and aches from surgery, an injury, or even headache. Just having this massage will channel the lymph fluid to flow properly, allowing sore tissues to break down and follow the system to the appropriate lymphatic node.

After surgeries such as breast cancer removal, limbs can swell in reaction to the process. Basically, lymph nodes are removed and the armpit develops lymphedema. Lymphatic massage can help to prevent or treat mild swellings and aches. Severe instances of swellings and aches, however, require immediate discussion with your doctor or surgeon.

Furthermore, it can help to foster the development of tissues after surgery, to reduce the effect of scarring at the point of incision. It is advisable that massages shouldn’t be done immediately after surgery so that it won’t irritate the healing stitches.

For improved lactation: A child that must grow perfectly is to be properly breastfed. Breast milk contains nutrients and antibodies in the most-absorbable form for newborns. It is why the fluid is strongly encouraged to be fed to children within a certain age range. Sadly, some women have complications during this time; it can come as clogged ducts, soreness, and pains. The lymph drainage massage therapy can help to alleviate the sore feeling and blockage of ducts, thereby reducing pains.

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For an enhanced immune system: Since the lymphatic system is responsible for the transportation of toxins and other unhealthy substances in the body to the lymph node, the human immune system largely depends on its functionality. With the lymphatic massage, a smooth flow of the lymph fluid is enhanced, thereby fostering a strong internal defense system. The implication of this is that more antibodies will be produced to ward off infections, which is good. Some health research has shown that lymphatic drainage therapy can reduce inflammation that may be responsible for arthritis.

Relaxation: Some people don’t need a therapeutic lymphatic massage because they want to solve some certain health complications issue. They get a session just because they want to relax. There is a therapeutic effect of a promoted sensation of rest via the lymphatic massage. The massage relaxes the body, which bears an effect on the mind, because the strokes are quiet and more so, skillfully conducted (when done by a licensed specialist). A relaxation feeling is also sponsored by the refreshment the massage brings to the body when it flushes away pains at various excruciating levels.

For many people who are particular about relaxation in this age, their approach now is to get an on-demand massage, by calling over a lymphatic massage therapist for an in-house session.

Skincare: Lymphatic massage has a therapeutic effect on the skin. In a study, it is believed that this type of massage can cause visible results such as a clearer complexion, the reduction of lines and wrinkles on places such as the forehead. A glowing skin where wrinkles are kept at bay might not be a work of an antiaging cream; such wonder and secret can also be found in a massage session with a licensed therapist.

Things to consider for lymphatic massage

Despite the immense benefits, people are medically advised to stay away from the lymphatic massage therapy when:

  • A surgery has recently been done and the sutures are not yet healed.
  • There is a sudden case of developed lymphedema after surgery and there is an increased opening.
  • Patients with lymphangitis should avoid this treatment. However, if the symptom of this condition was not known/apparent before the massage session began, the instance it is confirmed, patients are advised to discontinue.
  • Those with congestive heart failure should let the massage therapist know. This would allow them to go gradually and may take a longer time to balance the flow. But it is better that way so that too much fluid won’t strain the heart.
  • In the face of throbbing pain, either from the therapist’s pressure or from the session, you should let your therapist know and if nothing is helping, you should stop the process.

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