The Side Effects of The Lymphatic Drainage Massage

By Breathe Team | Nov 11, 2019

The lymphatic massage has come to be one of the most-used therapeutic forms of massage available today. It reinvigorates one of the most important core of the body’s functioning system, the lymphatic system. The lymphatic massage has found a wide application and of tremendous service to a reputable number out of the several millions of people who go for massage sessions in a year. The number of people using this service is growing as the year increases.

As quite beneficial as this therapeutic massage is, it is possible that some people don’t feel quite well with the process, or after the process. There could be a number of reasons for this, and this article would touch all of that. However, it is important to note that most of these side effects are not because of the massage therapy, itself, but individuals’ body reaction.

For most people, to let the massage take effect while letting their body settle to absorb the vitality of the aftermath, many people, nowadays, make on-demand calls for in-house massage sessions. That way, their bodies relax, they don’t have to move around to stress the body, and it is much more convenient.

The side effects of Lymphatic massage

Possible increment in bowel and urination movements: Since lymphatic massage improves the fluid/transport system of the body and causing the lymph fluid to circulate more, dissolve more toxins, and help with excretion, then the excretory systems of the body would be more charged up to flush out whatever waste they gather. This would cause the urinary and gastrointestinal systems to work more as regards flushing the system since they are responsible for excretion.

Body aches: Hold on a bit… Body ache is not a bad thing after a massage. In fact, it is expected after every form of bodywork and not just the lymphatic massage. Although with the lymphatic massage, it is expected to happen briefly while the toxins are transported to the nearest lymph nodes for excretion. Pressures are worked on constricting vessels, which might cause momentary aches.

You should know that body aches are only normal to happen briefly and to end after a short while, with 24-48 hours. To allow the body to rest and recuperate is why many choose, a platform that allows them to request for a  massage therapist for an in-home lymphatic massage session. Any ache beyond the stated duration is not an intended or expected consequence, and you should either reach your massage therapist or physician to let them know how you feel. A Lymph drainage massage does not have to hurt if a soft touch is used.

There are some individuals whose bodies are hypersensitive to touch. Are you one of such? Here, a little massage pressure can feel like a truck is working on your body. A hypersensitive skin or body can also enjoy massage. All you need is to let the lymphatic massage therapist know about this, before or during the massage session as you feel the pressure is too much for your body. The whole idea is to have a body-easing session and not one that would cause wreathing pain.

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Skin breakout: A skin breakout is not typically accompanied by the lymphatic drainage massage. It would only happen based on the type of oil or lotion that is used during the session. Hence, if you have a preference for a particular body oil or lotion, you should let your massage therapist know. Or if there is any aroma or type of rub-on product that you are not cool with. Although, an exfoliating bath will make you cool and worry about a breaking skin.

Emotional Sensitivity: This is not common to everyone but a few people have mentioned that they get really emotional after having a lymphatic, therapeutic massage. The explanation is that the process is a healing one so, your body may feel overwhelmed after. In fact, some people have also mentioned that they feel thirsty and hungry after a massage session. Because the process is cleansing and relaxing, you may feel emotional as your body also feels the new flow coming to your body.

Other Health-related challenges:

Other than these, you may face adverse side effects if you carry out the lymphatic drainage massage under some certain conditions which are medically warned or advised against. Some of them include:

Opening up of surgical wounds: First off, you shouldn’t go for a lymphatic drainage massage after you have just been through a surgery, and no licensed massage therapist would/should do that. The wounds could open up and get messy, maybe internal bleeding, too.

Too much pressure on the heart: If you have the issue known as the congestive heart failure, your massage therapist should know about this. It is not something to keep personal. Since the massage would improve the fluid transport system of the body, the massage can make more blood to pump through your body and your heart. The massage is supposed to be light, gradual, and focused on some parts of the body to establish a balanced flow. The implications can be bad if a full lymphatic massage is done for anyone with this health issue.

So, you see…

The side effects are relative and vary based on individuals. And most importantly, they don’t just happen, they depend on other factors of issues and conditions to be triggered.

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