What is Lymphatic Massage?

By Breathe Team | Nov 16, 2019

With the ever-growing number of people who seek massage for health purposes, it is important to understand what lymphatic massage is. Easily, the name of this massage might give a clue to what this massage might possibly do. Nonetheless, this article provides a better understanding and all you need to know about lymphatic massage.

Lymphatic massage, also known as lymphatic drainage massage, is a gentle form of massage performed on the body to aid the movement of lymph fluids around the body. Lymphatic fluids in the human system are responsible for the removal of waste and toxic substances from the body. Typically, the fluids are expected to circulate through the body while collecting harmful substances and positioning them in points where they can be easily excreted from the body. Sometimes, though, there can be lymph fluid buildup in the body. In many ways, this massage can benefit people with health conditions including fibromyalgia and lymphedema.

How lymphatic massage works

The science of the techniques used for lymphatic massage depends on the muscular transportation of fluid through the lymph vessels. Lymphatic fluids can be interrupted from having a smooth transition through the body. Hence, they can coagulate at certain body parts, causing external swellings. The buildup in the lymph system and the lymph node is called lymphedema. When the lymphatic massage is brought to play to treat this issue and other related ones, the treatment process is medically referred to as the decongestive lymphatic therapy (DLT). It may now make sense to you why it is called the lymphatic drainage.

The lymphatic massage can be performed by a massage specialist, and breathe offers this in- home service. Times have changed and more businesses are seeking individual convenience, especially as it relates to the hospitability industry. You can get licensed massage therapist over to your place to provide an in-home lymphatic massage session.

What to expect

A lymphatic massage session would require the therapist to apply pressures with gentle strokes, rubs, and taps, in a flow channel of the lymphatic system. Each session is expected to run for about 30 mins to 1 hour, four to five times a week, and for two to four weeks. Swellings are expected to reduce reasonably in the first week and then stabilized in other weeks. You should also expect that one who would be handling this for you should be licensed.

Other than being a (Swedish) massage therapist, practitioners also go through thorough course sessions to get certified in the act of performing a lymphatic massage. They are honored as Certified Lymphedema Therapist.

The Process:

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While a lymph build-up might happen in some parts of the body, the massage is not restricted to those parts of the body. Usually, the right and the left sides of the body are massaged and it goes from the upper body down to the legs. the process is a maintenance process and may require more sessions until the recommended time lapses or improvements are seen. There are two main stages of lymphatic massage and they are:

  1. Clearing
  2. Reabsorption

The clearing is done to create a vacuum in an area by using gentle pressure to create a flushing effect. This allows the built-up (not-so-fluid) fluid to ease out. Three main areas are cleared, viz: the supraclavicular area, axillary area, and the inner elbow. This sequence is important.

Reabsorption is the part of the lymphatic massage where the pressure focus begins from the affected part of the body and moves to farther parts of the body. There are more to both routines that professional lymphatic massage therapists would do for you.

How do you know if your lymphatic massage session is effective?

Usually, the extent to which you yield your body to the licensed massage therapist determines how effective the therapy would be on your body.

Primarily, if done effectively, you should see improvements in the lymphedema after your sessions. Drinking water can help circulations as well-hydrated tissues can help to flush out toxins in the body. However, if after some days, improvements are not noticed, you should speak to your doctor or massage therapist who may later invite you for an in-office session where your body may be analyzed.

What to consider before taking a lymphatic massage:

When you contact your massage therapist for the first time, tell them why you want to have a session with them and tell them why you think the lymphatic drainage massage would be better. Also, do not fail to let them know if you have any health conditions or challenges on your skin or within your body tissues. They are the best to tell you if to move ahead with the massage or not.

What is the average cost of lymphatic massage?

The cost of a lymphatic massage session is depended on some factors. A major factor would be what city you live in; the cost of service differs from city to city. Another thing is the type of massage session you want. It will, most likely, be more expensive to get an in-home lymphatic massage session than going for an in-office session at the therapist’s place. However, in the US, the average cost of a session of the lymphatic massage ranges between US$75 and US$125.

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