Does Lymphatic Massage Help to Reduce Weight?

By Breathe Team | Feb 05, 2020

Can lymphatic massage help me lose weight? Can I reduce weight with lymphatic massage therapy? These are some questions people ask, and if you are seeking the same answers, this article is for you.

Lymphatic drainage massage is focused on relieving the blockade of lymphatic fluids that carry toxic substances and waste products from the body. Lymphatic fluids can accumulate due to a variety of reasons. So, what exactly is the relationship between weight loss and the removal of toxic substances from the body? Simply put, detoxification aids the process of weight loss by getting rid of toxic substances that are responsible for the accumulation of fat or cellulite. These toxic substances are normally removed by the lymphatic system but since it may become impaired at any time, they are accumulated in the body.

Now, the goal of weight loss is to reduce excess fat tissues and also to get rid of chemical substances in the body that assists the accumulation of fat. This can be achieved through the incorporation of exercise and dietary modifications, and also, sometimes through surgery. Exercise strengthens the muscles and burns fat while the chosen diet would assist the body in the process of detoxification and also the reduction of caloric intake. Lymphatic drainage massage can help at this stage. The stimulation of the lymphatic system helps to improve the flow of lymphatic fluids as well as the circulation of blood. As the lymphatic flow is improved, so is the removal of toxins from the system improved.As blood circulation is also improved, you can actually gain more from exercise. Improved blood flow means your muscles can get nutrients and oxygen faster than before and this naturally results in increased muscular metabolism or, in simple language, a faster burn rate of fats stored in the muscles. Lymphatic massage offers several other benefits that all contribute to the general well-being of the body. Some of them are: improvement in the functionality of the immune system means that your body has a better chance of fighting diseases, removal of toxins that may inhibit digestive enzymes in your body helps it to properly digest and absorb food. Others are the reduction of swelling, stress, headaches, etc.

Considering all of these, the answer to your question, ‘does lymphatic massage reduce weight’, would be yes; lymphatic drainage massage can help in your weight loss process but it cannot do this alone if you do not add exercise and dietary modifications according to the prescription of your physician. However, lymphatic massage greatly helps after liposuction.

Lymphatic massage may also help patients of some skin diseases as well as relieve symptoms of stress such as headaches, restlessness, and other symptoms associated with the accumulation of cellular waste products. Lymphatic drainage massage is best carried out by a qualified therapist who knows the techniques to make use of.


Lymphatic drainage massage does help to reduce weight. Things have become better, these days, with the advent of the Breathe App, a mobile application that you can download on your Android or Apple device to get a certified and verified massage therapist who can provide you an in-house lymphatic massage.

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