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Is Lymphatic Massage Beneficial?

By Breathe Team | Feb 09, 2020

Massage, as a therapeutic process, is an ancient practice that has become better and more refined over the years. Getting a massage from a professional is a very relaxing and healthy experience especially when done right. Now, there are a number of massage styles available, but there seems to be a growing attention towards lymphatic massage. Just why is this so? How beneficial is the lymphatic massage to a person? Is lymphatic massage beneficial at all in a different way from other massage therapies? You are probably deciding on the best kind of massage for you or maybe you are curious about the spiking interest. This article is for you.

Since its introduction many decades ago, lymphatic drainage massage, or just simply lymphatic massage has grown in popularity and for good reasons too. Lymphatic massage offers a range of benefits which just like the other types of massage, are very important, and based on these medically-proven positive effects, I can confidently recommend it as being beneficial.

The first and most important benefit of this style of massage is seen in its name. Lymphatic drainage massage is the gentle application of just enough force necessary to improve the free flow of lymphatic fluids around the body. The lymphatic fluids are responsible for the removal of toxins and metabolic waste from tissues. Sometimes, the flow of lymphatic fluids may become hindered due to some health conditions, and when this happens the usual result is the accumulation of fluids at certain parts of the body which then become swollen. This condition is called lymphedema.
Here are the Benefits of Lymphatic massage
  1. When properly done, this simple procedure helps to increase the circulation of lymphatic fluid and restore balance to the body.
  2. Another important and closely related benefit of lymphatic massage is that it helps stimulate the immune system. You see, the lymphatic system contains cells called lymphocytes which are very active in the process of defending the body. These lymphocytes are responsible for engulfing harmful materials as they enter the body. As these cells are present in the lymphatic system, anything that stimulates the improved flow of lymphatic fluid is welcomed.
  3. Of course, another benefit that lymphatic massage offers is a reduction in fatigue and stress levels. Although lymphatic massage is superficial (close to the surface and not deep into the muscles), it still helps the body relax better from stress and fatigue after a long day. An improvement in the circulation of the lymphatic system is closely accompanied by a better circulation of blood which helps to reduce fatigue.
  4. The lymphatic massage therapy also helps to improve lactation in women.
  5. Lymphatic massage is characteristically beneficial to enhance healing for complications from post-surgical operations, especially liposuction. This is not to be done, immediately, however, the massage therapist and the surgeon should be informed, if massage therapy is to be sought.
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Is this your first time of trying out lymphatic massage? Not to worry, here is what you can expect after a lyphatic massage session.

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