What to Know about Deep Tissue Message For Neck?

By Breathe Team | Feb 12, 2020

Massage therapy is the use of the hands to maneuver body tissues by the application of controlled and proportioned pressure. The benefits include relieving pains and tensions in the neck and spine areas, to increase blood circulation, and promote the feeling of wellbeing. It is not uncommon to have the doctor prescribe the deep tissue massage sessions for people who have stiffness and chronic pains in the neck. The most prominent recommendation is the deep tissue massage.

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy for Neck Pain

For the regular freestyle deep tissue massage, proportioned pressure is directed to work on deeper layers of the muscles and connective tissues. Although there are different techniques and philosophies that are preferred by each massage therapist, they all aim to achieve the same result of relieving chronic pains from the neck. The relief may come by the improvement in the neural proprioceptive feedback loops and broken patterns in fascial adhesions.

While working, the massage therapist does not aim to inflict torment or pain on you. The technique requires administering deep pressure with the most minimal physical stress possible, being focused on your neck and upper back region. Therefore, the fact that you are getting a deep tissue massage for the neck does not mean you should feel sore for several days after the massage session.

Considering that this type of massage requires deep pressure, it is advisable for the massage therapist to warm you up with the soft strokes, to let the muscles loosen up for the actual massage.A portion of the client’s neck is to be focused on, at a time. Sustained and deep stroking pressures are employed in the deep tissue neck massage; and skillfully, the massage therapist transitions from one to another. To transition from the static, sustained compression to the proper deep stroking massage, the applied pressure is caused to move from one point to another by gliding the hand from one point of contact to the adjacent region of the neck.


Positioning is a very vital part of the deep tissue massage process. It determines the effectiveness of the massage specialist’s efforts and if the treatment will reach the core tissues. According to the direction of the therapist, you are supposed to be in the middle of the table. As the treatment goes on, as the client, you should be lean your body closer to the side of the table where the therapist is. This is the ideal positioning, except the therapist tells you to do otherwise while trying to generate impactful strokes from his/her core.

What to do during the deep tissue neck massage

For optimum impact of the deep tissue massage for the neck, as the client, you should focus on your breathing; make sure you take full breaths, in and out. It helps you to relax and makes it easier for your body to gradually adjust to the effect of the massage in your tissues.

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