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Deep Tissue Massage Vs Lymphatic Drainage Massage

By Breathe Team | Feb 17, 2020

Arguably one of the most asked questions on the internet about massage is “Deep Tissue Massage Vs Lymphatic Drainage Massage.” Massage therapy is a known part of various wellness programs in America. Both the deep tissue and the lymphatic massages are vital and intensive routines of the massage therapy, nonetheless, here are the key and most vital things to know about deep tissue massage and the lymphatic drainage massage.


The lymphatic drainage massage and the deep tissue massage are popular massage therapies that are not strange to most people. This article tries to share insight into certain points about both types of massage.

  • Type of Pressure

The deep tissue massage employs much pressure to get its work done, by aiming to reach deeper levels, including tissues and tendons, of the human body.

The lymphatic massage is a firm but much gentler kneading of the body that targets the fluid system of the body.

  • Technique

The strokes are firmer, and the kneading, deeper. The traditional massage style is first employed to loosen the muscles and the deep massage aims to stretch and penetrate the muscles to the nerves and even bones. The massage therapist skillfully and carefully administers slow strokes and the pressure is never forced. By Hooking in, the muscles are gradually worked and the pressures are increased as the muscles are felt to yield.

The Lymphatic drainage massage is gentler and movements are directed to the skin only. The presses are not hard at all. The massage therapist carefully prepares different parts of the body and positions them in ways they can easily accommodate the flow of lymph while light presses are administered.

  • Focus Areas:

Deep tissue massage is directed to muscular areas, tendons and the fascia in the body.

The Lymphatic drainage, on the other hand, is directed to skin surfaces within which the fluid transport channels pass. Hence, areas such as the neck, underarms, chest, shoulders, and even fingers can be targets of the lymphatic drainage massage.

  • Purpose

The deep tissue massage aims to reach deeper tissues and muscles, thereby capable of improving joint movements and flexibility. It can help runners and athletes of different sports.  It also delays soreness and muscle fatigue by clearing lactic acid.

The Lymphatic massage promotes the flow of lymphatic fluids and restores body balance. Through an enhanced flow of lymphocytes, the body’s immune system is improved. It can also improve lactation, and it is the ideal procedure to heal surgical injuries, soreness, or swollen tissues.

  • Conditions that may require each procedure

Deep-level stress, muscular and joint stiffness, sports injury including sprain and others, are conditions that call anyone to partake in a deep tissue massage session.

The following conditions may require that you go for a lymphatic drainage massage session: Fatigue, stress arthritis, insomnia, migraine, headaches, swollen body parts.

NB: Please, note, for either of the processes of deep tissue massage vs lymphatic drainage massage, when having health treatments and medications, always ask your doctor if it is safe and let your massage therapist know before the session. You can read more on our extensive explanations on deep tissue massage and lymphatic massage.

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