Can Sports Massage Help a Pulled Muscle?

By Breathe Team | Mar 02, 2020

Sports activities can be very rewarding –the pleasure of winning, the release of hormones that relax the body and even the camaraderie with fellow players. However, injuries could mar the sweetness of a game; the most common sports injury being a pulled muscle. It is easy to pull a muscle when you overstretch, or otherwise task yourself in some way. In finding relief for a torn muscle, several options are available among which is Sports massage. But can sports massage help a pulled muscle? Of course, yes. It can, but you would need to visit a professional massage therapist in order to get it done.

When a muscle pull occurs, the muscle becomes sore and painful to use because the tissues have been stretched beyond their capacity or are even torn, and some cells get destroyed in the process. This leads to an accumulation of fatigue and symptoms such as swelling, pain, muscle spasms and a limited range of movement. Cases of mildly pulled muscles can be treated or managed at home using medications (over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs), ice packs, or by applying heat. However, more severe cases require the use of more therapies and sports massage is among the most effective methods.

Sports massage is the manipulation of deep muscular tissues that lie just above the bones, and that are responsible for locomotion. It is quite different from other forms of massage in the sense that it targets deeper muscle groups, and is found to be more delicate than deep tissue or even Swedish massage. Sports massage needs professional handling because amateurs can easily worsen muscular problems if proper care is not taken. We have explained everything to know about sports massage in our previous post.During a sports massage, friction is used to stimulate heat in the muscles and the most immediate effect of this is the relaxation of muscle tissues. Heat is known to tenderize or soften flesh and muscles; this is why heat generated from the rubbing of hands on the muscles during the massage will immediately help them relax. So, definitely, sports massage can help a pulled muscle.

Another effect of sports massage on pulled muscles is the improvement of blood circulation. When muscles are torn or pulled, they may rupture small blood vessels within and this can be seen when the area swell or discolor. The swelling may impede the circulation of nutrient-rich blood from reaching the muscles. Sports massage alleviates this by improving blood flow; nutrients can thus reach the muscles faster and facilitate the healing process.

While most people use painkillers to fight the pain, it is really not advisable except in severe cases. Painkillers do not address the torn muscles and may give a false sense of healing which may worsen the situation. It is also important to talk with your doctor first before signing up for a massage session because some severe cases of pulled muscles may require some resting period to allow the muscle to heal to a certain level before it is safe to get a sports massage. It is paramount to get the therapy at the appropriate time to get a sports massage. Above all, get a qualified massage therapist who knows what to do exactly in helping pulled muscles heal. For optimum effect, get an in-home sports massage therapist to tend to your injury; you would rest better. You can get a certified home massage specialist by downloading the Breathe App for Android or Apple. It is tested and trustworthy!

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