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What to Expect After Lymphatic Massage?

By Breathe Team | Mar 05, 2020

Many people want to know what their body would feel like after lymphatic massage therapy sessions so they can know what to watch out for. Some other people just want to know what exactly it is supposed to be, to check if the post lymphatic drainage massage feeling they are having is absolutely fine and safe. You may belong to either of the classes; here are professional tips of what you should expect after a lymphatic massage.

The lymphatic massage targets the lymph fluid and transport system of the body; hence, the pressure applied is minimal and controlled to reach a certain depth on the body, unlike some other massage therapies including the deep tissue massage.

Each individual’s lymph drainage cycle varies from another’s. Hence, seeing the full effects of your lymphatic drainage massage session may not exactly be the same with other persons that you might have had of. It also depends on the health stability of your lymphatic system. However, it should happen between 24-48 hours after the session.

Immediate signs

Almost immediately after your lymphatic drainage massage session, you should feel a general lightness and relaxation. Anxiety can be noticed to relieve you to a great extent.

Prolonged signs

There will be an improvement in muscular joints; your movement should improve and your body will be able to feel a certain sensation that it wouldn’t have felt when stressed up. Blood flow will be stabilized.

Swollen body parts and tightened skin around conglomerated lymph (lymphedema) will begin to loosen within the first and the 36 hours after the lymphatic massage. The swollen parts would ease-out, releasing tightened and hardened skins while the body enjoys calmness. Body aches are also supposed to start relieving you from that instance. It is also normal to feel sweaty when the lymphatic drainage massage session is over; it is the body’s attempt to get rid of the toxins from the bloodstream. Consequentially, you may also have to use the bathroom more, to ease yourself of these toxic fluids, in whatever way your body can. In the bid to maintain a homeostasis balance, your body may crave for more fluids. That is, you may feel thirsty. It is your body calling for fresh fluids to replace the excess toxic ones previously accumulated in your body.

Some people have testified that they feel their body temperature normalized between 6-12 hours post the massage therapy from a certified massage therapist. But the Medical News Today, has a lot more to say.

Since you would be getting a lymphatic massage therapy to improve your body fluid flow and transportation system, then you need all the rest that you can get. It is better to get an affordable lymphatic drainage massage therapist come over to your place for the session. That will be more relaxing and you wouldn’t need to drive or follow a stressful journey back home. Help your body to easily tap into the healing by getting a in-home massage service.

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