Advantages of Having an In-home Massage Session

By Breathe Team | Mar 12, 2020

The methods of delivering massage therapy have improved over time, and in the last decade, it has become increasingly popular. While many people still opt for the traditional way of visiting massage spas to get a session done, more people are embracing the advantages of home massage sessions right in their comfort zones. Here are the top advantages of home massage sessions for which many people book massage therapists for.

  1. Saves time: Booking your massage session to take place in-home can save the time you would have had to spent on traffic before reaching the spa. With the traffic conditions reaching poor levels sometimes, you can avoid the irritation that comes with having to navigate your way through a jam especially on a hot day. You can also avoid the waiting room that may be present at the spa (especially if the spa masseuses are so good at their jobs).
  2. You get the right attention: The method of a massage session in a spa is limited to the design and ambiance that it has. This means that they may not be able to cater to all of your preferences if they do not have the right background. However, if done in your home, you have the background, ambiance, and preferences all laid out and all the masseuse need do is follow your preferences to give you the best experience.
  3. More relaxation time: At a spa, you have the luxury of staying behind for a period of time to enjoy a relaxed post-massage time. However, it is usual for spas to charge a separate hourly fee after a set time has elapsed. This can easily be worked around using in-house massage sessions. Once the therapist is done with you, you can lay back, close your eyes and rest for as long as you want –it is your house after all. You might not even be obliged to see the masseuse off to the door so as not to break that sweet post-massage feeling. Don’t worry, the person would understand this.
  4. Fit massage into your schedule: Many people know they need a massage, but they may not be able to squeeze it into their busy schedules. In fact, as far back as a decade ago, the American Massage Therapist Association reported that they found an 11 % increase from 39 % to 50 % of therapists who traveled to provide in-house therapy sessions. This alone shows the way people are becoming receptive to the advantage of getting a session done in the house despite a busy schedule.
  5. Quality sessions: In-house massage affords you the best quality sessions because the therapist usually has a lesser number of clients to attend to in a day in comparison to a therapist who would have more clients to work on during a normal day at the spa. It is known that quality may slightly vary especially if only one person works the hours. Home massage gives you a better experience.
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How to get a home massage therapist

You can follow the common massage trends by enjoying home massage service sessions by calling on verified and certified massage therapists of your choicest massage technique by downloading and requesting a licensed masseuse on the Breathe App from Android or Apple.