What to Expect During Couples Massage

By Breathe Team | Mar 16, 2020

It is observed that, on average, somewhere in the range of 40 percent of Americans would get a massage therapy simply because they want to go out of the norm to try out something new. Couples massage sessions make up the fair amount of the people participating in the total massage sessions. Isn’t it romantic to have a massage side-by-side with your partner in a spa? Either you decide to do a valentine getaway with your spouse or you just want to treat them right, this is what to expect.

First off, a massage isn’t something that is meant to be had only in massage spas. It is a service that can be offered in several other places. The most widely recognized places include hospitals, medical clinics, and nursing homes, and even in your house. There are, likewise, different places that offer massage therapy treatment, for example, private workplaces and wellness facilities. The significant thing is that where the massage is to be done should be calming and relaxing.

A typical couples massage done simultaneously should take between 15-60 minutes, depending on what type of therapy they are having. And, this can be by the doctor’s recommendation. Some massage sessions are as short as 15 minutes, which is sufficiently only to liven up and evacuate a day’s worth of stress. There are health conditions that require the massage to be repeated for two or multiple times and to continue for several weeks.

The receptionist would ask certain questions before your couple’s session begins. The questions may include what type of massage therapy you want, if there are any health complications, pregnancy status, and so on. The therapist will likewise get some information about your medical condition and history. From this assessment, the therapist can decide or recommend the best sort of massage for you. However, an official conclusion will be yours to make.

The treatment begins when you are both asked to rest on a spa table. These tables are cushioned for your comfort. If you book your massage session ahead, your masseuse may tell you to stop certain medications.  Bit by bit, the therapist will apply pressure to your body. Some prefer that oils be utilized during the massage, to reduce friction from contact and permit the massage therapist to apply pressure effectively. Likewise, oils help out in loosening you. Chamomile, lavender, and citrus are the famous aromas in massage oils.

You might have music playing in the background, possibly some old blue rhythms can play in the background. It will help your body to relax. After the session, some massage facilities offer a lounge where you can relax your body for a few hours. You can take advantage of it. This is to guarantee that a full relaxation experience is given to you. You may likewise need to head home and take a relaxing nap if you like.

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