When is the best Time to Get Sports Massage Therapy

By Breathe Team | Mar 20, 2020


When exactly is the best time for sports massage?

Sports contains series of interesting events that has become everyday activities in the world. Many people spend a lot of funds, investing in sports, globally. Sadly, injuries are common consequences peculiar to sports; therefore, massage therapy becomes an important wellness and treatment procedure for many athletes. The therapy is also used for people who engage in physical activities that place a huge demand on the muscles of the body. As a form of massage therapy that targets deep muscle groups with friction, many people ask, “when is the best time for sports massage therapy”?

But before you book a session in a massage spa or for you home massage, as much as when considering the best time for a sports massage therapy, here are some important things you should know.

Things to consider before getting a sports massage

The first thing to consider is why you want to get a sports massage. It is common for athletes to book a massage session in order to relax their muscles and keep them in proper shape for a sporting event. So, the reason why you need one is quite an important one.

The second most important reason is timing. Because sports massage impacts the muscles directly, it is important to properly time the period when the massage session will hold. The idea behind this is that sometimes sports massage may leave your muscles a bit sore immediately after a session and you may need a couple of hours to rest them and start feeling the beneficial impact. Imagine if you had a session like that half-an-hour before a game. You might be disadvantaged. It is akin to testing your new soccer boots or socks during a match. At least you could change it to your old ones if the new ones don’t fit well but you can’t change your muscles now, can you?

Another mistake in timing is leaving pulled or torn muscles or other muscular issues for too long before seeking a sports massage. The soreness could “settle in” and cause difficulty in locomotion. It is also important to vet the massage therapist on time before you book your session. You don’t want to arrive for your session and find an amateur smiling at you.

Best time to get a sports massage?

During training period
You can also have mild sports massage during your training sessions, as it helps your muscles to adjust to the muscle-flexing during your prep for the main events.

During Sports Event 

There are usually massage booths somewhere around the performance stadium for most athletic sports. You can get yourself some massage for short sessions in-between your sports match.

After the event
Just like you would have a light exercise to help you slow down or warm down, you can as well have a light sports massage to help relieve the high pressure on your muscles. At about 48 hours after your event, a sports massage would deliver an optimum result. By that time, the soreness would have reduced, and your sports massage therapist can focus on deeper tissue levels.

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So, just when is the best time to get a sports massage done? It is advised that you have it done between 4 to 7 days before you are due to perform, and within 48 hours after the performance. This is for a variety of reasons including:

  1. Sports massage does not just focus on existing injuries, but it could also help discover “hidden” injuries in muscles. These are ligaments or tissues that are already overtaxed and are at the point of getting pulled on further use. Sports massage could help identify them and so they can be worked on.
  2. The recovery period is reduced when massage is applied within 48 hours. Sports massage is the ideal recovery therapy.
  3. You get to be in good shape before competing.


In the event that you have sustained a muscular injury, pulled or torn a muscle due to fatigue, or you feel lethargic due to cranky muscles, sports massage is also recommended to help alleviate the pain and hasten the healing process. One of the most common form of this massage therapy is the foot massage.

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