Why Sports massage is Important

By Breathe Team | Mar 22, 2020

It is assumed by a lot of people that only professional sportspeople get a sports massage. That is not entirely true. Sports massage is a massage that is simply aimed at alleviating the stress and tension that builds up in our body’s soft tissues during any physical activity. So, whether you are an athlete, or you are just a physically active person feeling stressed, getting a sports therapy massage is ideal. It helps drain away fatigue, reduce muscle tension, promote flexibility, and overall, prepare you for peak performance.

Sports massage is important for so many reasons, and people carefully seek when is best time for it. The reasons include:

  • Athletic Performance

After a good sports massage, you will feel lighter and much more flexible. Continuously straining the muscles in training usually leads to a buildup of tension around vital joints. This can slow down performance and hinder you from giving your best out there. Having a sports massage session, some two to three days before an event, will help relax the muscles and keep you in optimal shape for an excellent performance.

  • Injury Prevention

Like they say, ‘prevention is better than cure’. Having a session of sports massage when you begin to feel your body is strained is one of the best steps you can take. Just like pre-workout warm-up exercises help your muscles get used to training to avoid soft-tissue injuries such as strains, sprains, and stress injuries, this massage session does the same. By helping your muscles to be pliable and your joints warmed up, you can be sure that a lot of preventable injuries are avoided.

Also, injuries that occur as a result of overusing certain muscles which usually lead to soreness, pain, and inflammation can be avoided through regular sessions of sports massage. Regular sessions help to prevent the muscles from becoming overused in the first place, thereby reducing initial inflammation which leads to injury.

  • Pain Reduction

Of course, during intense sports massage sessions, one can experience some amount of pain. But that’s not the pain that occurs here. Like the saying goes, ‘No pain, no gain’, the massage sessions can be slightly painful, but it has been known to help reduce pain from recovering injuries or tight muscle areas. This massage therapy helps to promote proper healing of scar tissues and can provide a soothing effect on injured areas.

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  • Relaxation and Focus

Everyone experiences muscle tension, stress, and fatigue at varying degrees. Whether as a competitive or recreational athlete, busy housewives or stressed executives, we all experience stress and tension. Sports massage sessions can help ease these away while putting you in a good psychological state before your big event. The massage also helps to keep you feeling invigorated.

  • Post-Race Recovery

After an intense race, sports massage can help you recover quickly by dissolving waste fluids such as lactic acid. This is important to avoid tension buildup in the body and muscles knotting. You can read more about the benefits of this massage therapy


There is a new trend to massage therapy, which you can also benefit from. You can enjoy in-home sports massage by requesting  a professional licensed massage therapist for a home massage therapy. Download the Breathe App for Android or Apple, and you can choose a certified and verified massage therapist.