Can Massage Therapy Help Anxiety?

By Breathe Team | Apr 28, 2020

Several people view massage therapy as simply for relaxation, but it goes beyond that. Massage therapy has many benefits, and one of them is improving the mental state. Several studies have been carried out about the relation of massage therapy to the brain. A link between massage therapy and the cortisol level has been found. Cortisol is a stress hormone, and when high, it can lead to anxiety and depression. With the manipulation of the muscles through stroking, rubbing, kneading, patting, and many other processes, Massage therapy keeps the cortisol level balanced.

Anxiety is a condition that’s understood by little. Although most people have experienced anxiety once or twice in their lives, those with the disorder have to live with the feeling never going away. The concern might get worse as time progresses. It begins to affect other areas of their lives while they’re unable to simply perform their essential living activity. There are various anxiety symptoms such as restlessness, fatigue, lack of concentration, irritation, muscle tension, irregular sleep, and more.

What helps? Massage therapy is a wonderful choice for anxiety treatment. This is because it successfully addresses two symptoms of anxiety, which is muscle tension and irregular sleep. With light and firm strokes, knots in the muscle release, and the body is fully relaxed, improving sleeping conditions. By eliminating sleep disturbance and muscle tension, patients with anxiety will notice an improvement in their state.

How Does it Improve Sleep?

Sleep is crucial and helps the body rejuvenate. When there is a sleeping irregularity, it can cause damage to our emotional and mental state. It also affects the nervous system and can affect concentration levels. Sleep disturbance is one of the symptoms of anxiety. Sleep deprivation leads to mood swings and another symptom of anxiety, which is a lack of concentration. Massage therapy works to improve sleep because it decreases stress levels. When the body relaxes, the ability to fall asleep is improved. When rest improves, improvement in the condition is noticeable. Such enhancements include less tiredness, less pain, improved emotional state, and better concentration will be noticed.

How Does It Reduce Pain?

Massage therapy can help reduce body pains. Swedish massage is all about light, long strokes to relieve tension in the muscle and reduce stress. Deep tissue massage is firmer and releases tension deep in the muscle and in the connecting tissue. Reduction of aches could also help in improving the quality of sleep. Massage therapy helps flow in the body, which helps to break adhesion and stretch muscle fibers.

Final Thoughts

Massage therapy can successfully reduce the cortisol levels to get the body back to normal. Although cortisol is not the only chemical that controls stress levels, you can get it in control.

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That helps the release of dopamine and serotonin levels to improve mood regulation. Dopamine is the hormone responsible for regulating a person’s attention. Serotonin is responsible for mood regulations. When the cortisol levels are low, Dopamine and serotonin levels are known to increase. If you’re looking for a method to treat anxiety successfully, you should add massage therapy to your routine. And for better relaxation, you can invite a certified massage specialist over to deliver in-house massage therapy; all you have to do is to get the Breathe on Demand app for Android and Apple devices.