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Does Lymphatic Massage Help Cellulite?

By Breathe Team | May 09, 2020

Cellulite describes an area of the body where the appearance of the skin is like it has dimples. It is caused by the breakdown of fibrous bands of tissues that hold the skin with muscles. Consequently, fat cells push up into the skin layer, therefore, showing forth as wrinkles or dimples (with small shallow depth. Medically, it is called gynoid lipodystrophy. Some people think this is only a condition with fat people. That is not true. It is only common with chubby people but happens to lean people, too.

So, can Massage help cellulite?

Lymphatic massage is not a cure for cellulite, however it has a lot of benefits. It can improve the appearance of a person’s skin. The effect is temporary and makes it less noticeable. However, if practiced with a good lifestyle, improvement can still be noticeable. Medical opinion is that massage might probably have little or no lasting effect on cellulite, but it also has other benefits for those with cellulite. With its capabilities to help the body relax and to reduce tightness and soreness in your muscles, a lymphatic massage has the basic elements to working on a more perfect body.

Choosing to have a regular massage while neglecting a balanced and healthy lifestyle will have cellulite reappear after a while. The massage therapy must be frequent during the routine. Other things to do include exercise, healthy eating, healthy living, etc.

Avoid refined foods, cut down your consumption of carbs. Eat fruits and veggies. Cellulite creams from trusted and established companies can also help. Performing an anticellulite massage is very effective when done consistently with an anticellulite cream.

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A massage therapist would start this by massaging the middle points, which a point equidistant from two joints. For instance, to massage the legs, the thigh is the starting point, gently applying the pressure inward and outside. The first method uses the thumb and the inside of the palms. This technique directs the energy towards the earth. Knuckles and thumbs are used to massage the feet, from the sole to the toes.

The body massage is done by holding and pinching to allow the skin to stretch, and the palm is run over the skin, to allow it to loosen and encourage fluid flow through the vessels. The more the massage is done, the more the skin loosens, and you may be able to feel it.

What to do first?

First, if you are concerned about how you have cellulite showing on your skin and want to do something about it, do not decide on your own. Talk to your dermatologist. They can recommend a few options for treating cellulite skin. Before booking an appointment with a professional massage therapist, too, you will save yourself time and resource to first discuss with them the possibility of a massage and a perfect body routine alongside massage.

You can personalize your massage therapy experience by calling home a massage therapist. You do not have to go to the spa to get a lymphatic massage. You can call an in-house massage therapist to massage you at your convenience. Platforms such as Breathe on Demand are available for download on  Android or Apple.