How Does Swedish Massage Reduce Pain?

By Breathe Team | May 20, 2020

Swedish massage is one of the most popular massage therapies that there are. The origin of Swedish massage dates back to around 800 and 700 BC. Like any other therapy, it is beneficial to relieve the body. It relieves stress in muscles and helps to cause general wellness. However, people want to know if it can really reduce acute pains in the body. The massage uses gentle strokes, and some people think it is inefficient to address pains, especially for pains that reside somewhere in the deep tissues of the muscles. Based on special request, a massage therapist can lend some deep tissue strokes.

Pain Relief massage:


Bodily pains:

Pain is the body’s communication to say that something is wrong with it. Pains in the muscle are as the result of the settling of body acids within tissues. That makes them too tight to allow blood course through them and cleansed. The acid can either be lactic or carbonic. Acid deposits within tissues irritate them and send signals to the brain, which is interpreted as pain. The nerves can also feel burnt and broken due to the prolonged effect of housing acid over time. What Swedish massage does is that it helps to gently release tensions in the muscles, thereby enabling the blood to naturally cleanse, relieve, and repair worn -out tissues. The relief can set in as soon as five minutes after the massage, and in some other cases, it can take as long as two hours, and improvement in the relief can last for days.

The Swedish massage’s benefits are not only physical; they are also psychological. They help to unwind mentally. As the massage therapist works their way to the tissues, kneading and applying pressure to the tissues, tightness around body tissues is worked on, thereby improving transportation and allowing evenness across body parts.

Stored toxins in the body are clogged, contributing to pain in that area, but when Swedish massage strokes work on those places, they ease the toxins from the congested spot.


Accumulated Body stress

The Swedish massage is used to relieve pain accumulated from stress. So, the stroking techniques work to alleviate these accumulated points of stress on the body. These pain points form from repeated tiring activities. For instance, working 9-5 and sitting in a chair with a hard backrest will cause stress and pain points in the body. This kind of pain could be backache or neck ache; it is unlike ones from injuries. These kinds of pains are what the Swedish massage is specifically targeted towards. However, for other forms of injuries, such as ones incurred from sports activities or ones from falls, some other forms of massage, such as sports massage and deep tissue massage therapies are to be undergone respectively.

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Accumulated stress makes muscles stay hypertonic, that is, they lose the ability to recover by themselves, thereby causing delayed signal waves to and from the brain. Swedish massage is able to break the cycle neurologically, by helping such tissues to heal and automatically refresh connection with the brain. This connection positions the brain to work, creating a sense of relief to the muscles.

Breathe and Massage:

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