How Important is Lymphatic Massage After Lipo?

By Breathe Team | Jun 05, 2020

Recovery from surgical operations is speedy when accompanied by lymphatic drainage massage, post-surgery. After liposuction, the joy of anyone would be to return back to action, as quickly as possible, while slaying with their new bodies. The healing process is not just about having bed rests, gentle and reduced movements, and a healthy diet. Heavens know that a great massage therapy at the spa or at home is well-deserving for you and your recovery process. Are you contemplating on having a massage after liposuction? You think right; go for the lymphatic massage.

Why it is important:

Liposuction reaches the depth of human tissues; hence, it disrupts the lymphatic channels. If left alone, it could take as long as three months for it to heal up and return back to normal. Consequently, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and physiotherapists agree that having a routine of regular lymphatic massages is very beneficial for recovery.

The lymphatic massage helps to reduce swelling across body parts. It will also help the aesthetic congestion of the tissue. By applying regulated pressure to the body, the professional lymphatic massage therapist channels more fluids towards the tissues. With more inflow of fluids through tissue vessels, reabsorption becomes easier and effective.

Infection is much associated with lymphatic congestion; it makes healing difficult for the swollen tissue. Lymphatic massage eases congestion, thereby favoring healing. It works great for the body after liposuction, but it is also recommended for those who might have had facial surgeries.

When is the Right time to have a lymphatic massage after liposuction?

Medically, the recommendation for patients who have been through fat removal is that they start their lymphatic massage schedule fourteen days after surgery. Three to five massage therapy sessions are recommended. It is expected that at this time, the bruises from the surgery would be gone and the pain would have greatly reduced.

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However, you should wait for natural healing or opt for a milder treatment if you have any of the following

  • Congestive heart failure
  • Kidney problems
  • Liver problems
  • Blood clotting or stroke
  • Current infection
  • Reservations

Some surgeons do not recommend this process; they think it does not help. That is not true. The lymphatic drainage massage is a recommendation by the International Society of lymphology as a way to manage swellings for patients who have lymphedema. Several clinical trials and procedures show positive outcomes for improvement among patients who underwent liposuction. There is no question as to whether the (manual) lymphatic drainage massage can reduce swelling across body parts. It can.

Is Lymphatic massage painful after liposuction?

It is not supposed to be painful. However, if you have residual pain from the surgical procedure, then you might feel a bit of pain, but it should get better as your lymphatic system improves. The relief can come as soon as when you are still undergoing the therapy. However, it is best that you only commence your lymphatic drainage when the pain is subsided, which is why the professional recommendation is about 2 weeks.

Also, getting a lymphatic massage from an uncertified person can be painful. That is why you should work with a certified professional massage therapist. Alternatively, not to upset the recovery process, you can call for an in-house massage session by calling a certified massage therapist to your home. Platforms such as Breathe On-Demand, which you can download for Android or Apple, see to connecting persons with professional lymphatic massage therapists.