Swedish Massage During Pregnancy?

By Breathe Team | Jul 13, 2020

No doubt, the burden of carrying another human in your bowels is not an easy one. Do we have to mention internal hormonal triggering and feelings that we cannot accurately put into words? Or, need we mention the different forms of pains and pressures that pull on the back, causing ache and other swollen body parts? And honestly, the body also wants a spoil, in these times. A good massage therapy session would help. Wait… Or, would it not? Considering that pressure would be applied to the body, and the delicate circumstance of carrying a baby is worrisome, requiring that we ask if Swedish massage is safe during pregnancy.

Well, yeah. It is safe. In fact, Swedish massage is the recommended form of massage for women in/during pregnancy. That is because it can address the discomforts, as regards skeletal and circulatory changes, which are caused by working hormones.

Medically, there is a term called pregnancy massage, and it is used to depict all forms of massage strokes applied to the body during or after pregnancy. It can be prenatal or postnatal.

How safe is Swedish massage during pregnancy or how worried should you be?

The Swedish massage is safe, considering that the stroke techniques are not harsh pressures that squeeze your body. Everything should be fine if you go to a trusted and reputable massage spa. Considering your delicate condition, you don’t want to leave your body and fetus into the hands of wannabe masseuse, whose certification you cannot prove. However, with a professional and licensed massage therapist, you are in safe hands, and you don’t have to worry much.

There is absolutely no need for you to be worried at all. In fact, to make pregnant women with bumps comfortable, some massage spas have custom massage tables for pregnant women.

While considering the safety of you and your baby during a massage, you have to tell your therapist that you are pregnant and probably how much you’ve gone. You also want them to know if you have some conditions or if you are feeling tightness around some parts of your body. Saying this will help them know where to be gentle and to apply slight pressure.

 Breathe app

If you are concerned about your safety and want to minimize how much you stress yourself in this frail stage, you don’t have to take a trip down to the spa downtown, or some top corner of the North street; all you have to do is to call for a home service massage therapy. There are in-house massage therapists who deliver top-notch in-house massage sessions. In these trying COVID-19 times, you do not have to worry, as the therapists themselves, have personal protective kits. When they come around, too, you can make sure they are wearing masks, and they properly sanitize their hands before starting anything. Use the Breathe App for Android or Apple, to get a certified and verified Swedish massage therapist come over to your house.

What are the Benefits of prenatal massage therapy?

  • Massage therapy for pregnant women can improve overall wellness.
  • It relieves pain.
  • It helps muscles to relax and improves the lymphatic system to an extent.
  • It improves sleep.