Swedish Massage Vs. Lymphatic Drainage

By Breathe Team | Jul 29, 2020

If you’re stressed out or have been feeling tense, then a massage might be in order for you. If you have a nagging pain or discomfort, massage therapy might be the answer for you. Many people consider massage therapy a luxury, but it is more than that. Massage therapy is a vital treatment that can reduce stress and also significantly improve a person’s well-being. A long relaxing massage can help release knots in the body while increasing circulation. It is an excellent therapy for your body, mind, and soul, and there are several other benefits therapy offers.

Swedish massage and lymphatic drainage are forms of massages you can take. Although they perform mostly the same functions of reducing stress, improving blood circulation, and relaxing the body, there are some differences to note. Below is a breakdown of Swedish massage and what sets them apart.

Swedish Massage

For full-body relaxation, Swedish massage is your best bet. It is quite a common form of massage therapy, and most people refer to it as a classic massage. The idea of a Swedish massage is relaxing the entire body, and this is done with soft, long kneading strokes and by applying light, rhythmic tapping strokes. These processes help to relieve the tension found in the muscle and improve oxygen flow in the blood. If you’re also looking to flush out metabolic waster out of the body tissue, a Swedish massage is effective. If you’re having your first massage, then a Swedish massage is a great place to start. It is quite stressful and promotes full relaxation that improves sleeping habits and rehabilitates the muscles.

The only things used for a Swedish massage are arms and hands and also any preferred massage oil. Athletes recovering from injuries can also take this massage to help relieve joint pains while improving blood circulation. However, it is not an excellent option for pregnant women, even if the pain level is very low.

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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Many people are of the opinion that a lymphatic drainage massage is simply for treating lymphedema. Lymphedema is a condition of the arms and legs swelling. Anyone can, however, do lymphatic drainage massage; it is focused on the lymph nodes, which serves cleaning services for the body. Lymph vessels have fluid flowing through it, and these fluid contains white blood cells for healing purposes. Lymphatic drainage helps to improve the flow of the drainage.

A massage therapist stimulates these nodes to perform better by applying gentle pressure in rhythmic, circular motions. Therapists also stretch the skin to stimulate the vessels that are attached to the skin. This form of massages helps to significantly reduce any swelling in the body and help eliminate stress while significantly improving sleeping habits. Only hands and fingers are used while carrying out a lymphatic drainage massage. If you’re recovering from minor surgery or suffer from arthritis, you would benefit greatly from this form of massage. However, anyone with a heart condition should consider other forms of massage therapy, but lymphatic drainage massage is smooth and painless.

Getting a Convenient Massage

Whether you want a Swedish massage or the lymphatic drainage, you don’t have to inconvenient yourself. You can call a certified massage therapist to the house. All you have to do is connect with them by downloading the Breathe on Demand App for Android and Apple.