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What Swedish Massage Involves

By Breathe Team | Aug 25, 2020

Massage is very relieving. The only person with a differing opinion would be the one who had time with the wrong masseuse or an inexperienced therapist. So, what does Swedish massage involve? The massage is the most common type, with techniques that involve soft and long kneading strokes, with some vibes of rhythmic and tapping strokes. These technical and tactical pressures are directed to the muscles so that they can help the body relax. On top of that, it can also be energizing.

Techniques involved in Swedish massage.

Technically, what’s involved is that the strokes work on the muscle tissues to release tension and gradually breaking up muscle tightened muscles, called “knots” or more professionally, “adhesions.”The Swedish massage has four major strokes, and the attributes are listed as follows.


This is a smooth stroke that glides over the body, aimed to help relax soft tissue.


Petrissage is a technique that combines methods, including kneading, squeezing and rolling. It often follows the effleurage.


The name is suggestive, yeah. But it is culled from its effect, which is that the movements cause layers of tissues to rub against each other. The movements are deep and circular with capacities to increase blow and dissolve tissues that formed from scars or some other deep injuries with internal effects.

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This is done with cupped hands, fingers, or even the edge of the hands. It is usually a short and alternating tap done with the listed parts of the hands.

However, before administering this massage technique to you, your massage therapist will have a discussion about why you want the massage and if you have any type in mind. If you have nothing in mind, they will ask you questions revolving around your health and lifestyle. Your answer will guide their form of therapy administration.

Ideally, you will lay down on a massage table, tailored for the purpose, and work will begin.

Your masseuse will, most likely, use either massage lotion or oil to allow smooth kneading, reducing the friction between their hands and your body, thereby making you relaxed and comfortable.

If you want a unique experience such as VIP treatment, you can set the atmosphere yourself, picking your rules. All you have to do is to request for an in-house massage therapist. Breathe on Demand is one of such platforms that delivers affordable and private in-home massage experience.

Health Benefits of Swedish Massage:

What Swedish massage involves will not be complete without discussing the health benefits of a Swedish massage. The Swedish massage is chosen by many, to help the body to relax. It alleviates physical conditions by supplying relieve from pain, stress on body tissues and muscle tension. Some sportspersons also use this form of massage therapy in the absence of an immediate sports massage therapy.

Required Information Involved:

Your massage therapist would also ask you about previous injuries or health conditions that probably affect (or has affected) your skin or muscles. All you need to do is to download the Breathe App for Android or get the Apple version and you can request for a licensed professional massage therapist near you In return, you are to open up to your therapist about some situations. Things that your therapist should know before having a massage include.

  • Tightness around the body
  • Pain
  • Allergies
  • Pregnancy
  • Previous injuries.