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When to Get Deep Tissue Massage

By Breathe Team | Sep 10, 2020

Deep tissue massage has many benefits, most of which are known. Following the understanding of its applications, a common question that arises is, “when is the right time to have a deep tissue massage?” This question is valid. Considering the various possibilities of applications of deep tissue massage, one is right to want to know when to get the massage therapy.


When it comes to what time is best to get a deep tissue massage, there is no specific time. Morning is not better than the afternoon, nor afternoon better than night. What matters is how much time your body has to absorb the effect of the therapy. To get the best therapeutic effect from a deep tissue massage, it is ideal to invite over a certified, in-house deep tissue massage therapist. This will greatly help your body to relax and feel the effect quickly. Are you contemplating this option? Well, get the Breathe on Demand app for Android and Apple devices.So, the best time to get a deep tissue massage is when you have the chance to relax the most.

When choosing the best time for deep tissue massage, there are vital things to bear in mind:

Be hydrated.

From the moment you have begun to anticipate getting a deep tissue massage, you should prepare yourself by staying hydrated. Massage is going to clean the pathway along with the transport system. Well-hydrated muscles are easier to work with, and that makes the work of a therapist easier. Summarily, a deep tissue massage is better done when the body is duly hydrated.

Also, the best period for a massage may be relative to your massage goals. Hence, the frequency is not a fixed rule but could be dependent on personal goals. If you are getting your body ready to be in a perfect shape and look for a particular event, the best thing to do is get massaged a few days before the event. However, again, there is no fixed rule. People respond to body massage differently.

When not to have a deep tissue massage

While there is no specific or rigid moment to have a deep tissue massage, there are times and moments when you should actually stay away from getting a deep tissue massage.

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Sharp injury

If you have sharp or chronic pain from a fresh injury, you want to stay away from getting a deep tissue massage. If the injury is an open wound or one from a fall or strain or sprain, you will do better to allow the body to heal naturally. The natural healing process of the body comes into play, stopping circulation around the affected area so that the area is protected and new cells can form. Having a deep tissue massage will upset this recovery process, wanting to improve circulation. At least, for 72 hours after an injury, avoid a massage.

If you have a fever

When you are high on fever, avoid massage, whether on medications or not. From the instant you catch flu or fever, your body’s immune system begins to ward off the virus. While massage is scientifically proven to have the capabilities to improve the immune system, it will upset the existing immune system in operation within the body. The body releases the right hormones and substances needed for recovery in the right proportions. A deep tissue massage, however, will force things as the exerted pressure will upset the natural process. Hence, it is professionally recommended to abstain from massage during sickness.