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Who Should Get Deep Tissue Massage ?

By Breathe Team | Sep 25, 2020

A deep tissue massage from a registered and certified therapist is very relieving and will help you to get better with the pains and pressure points. Deep massage therapy is very beneficial to ease stress and pain. So, people often wonder and ask, who is deep tissue massage for? Who should get a deep tissue massage?

Those with chronic pains:

People who have pains feel much tension. The more it is stressed, the more pain you would feel. A deep tissue massage will reach the deep layers and alleviate the pain in the tensed muscles. Consequently, the deep tissue massage will enhance blood flow, thereby easing pains. Healing begins with the proper circulation of fluids in the body, especially the transport system that circulates vital nutrients through deep muscles. A deep tissue massage to handle the pain for the entire body would take about40-60 minutes, although that depends on your therapist. It is quite less expensive when compared to the cost of drowning medications.

Persons with high blood pressure:

With clogged body parts, it is often difficult for blood to flow adequately through the body. However, the deep tissue massage helps the body to relax, thereby flushing out stress and tension. Consequently, the pain reduces. Studies have proven that massage is able to lower blood pressure. The muscular fibers of the blood vessels move together, as a contraction or pumping action.

Blood pressure determines the rate of blood flow against vessel walls. After the massage, the body begins to release endorphins that help to relax blood vessels. It also reduces the intensity of the heart pumping and shuts down the production of cortisol. The improvement in blood flow is temporary, carrying oxygen and blood cells that house vital nutrients. Massage inhibits wear and tear of the body.

Persons with accumulated Stress

If you are someone who works a lot and spends the most time sitting, then you know how difficult it is for the body to adjust when you try to assume some positions such as stretching or standing up quickly.

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You know how frustrating it can be when your muscles are a bit tardy to the information that your brain sends.

You ever said to yourself, “but I am not too old for this”? Well, it is about time for you to get a deep tissue massage. A deep tissue massage will help to relax the stress and tension. The techniques, during warm-up, are able to reach the muscle tissues that are close to the surface, and the deep strokes will get to the deeper layers. It is understandable how stress works through the body; so, if you want to call home a massage specialist, it is totally fine.

All you need to make sure is that you are bringing home a certified and specialized deep tissue massage therapist. You can get trusted and certified in-home masseuse by downloading the Breathe on Demand app for Android and Apple. 

Those with injured muscles:

Have you ever had a sprain or an injury that threatened your muscles and ability to do some stuff? Well, not to worry, deep tissue massage therapy can help you to rehabilitate in no time.