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What is Lymphatic Massage?

By Breathe Team | Nov 16, 2019

With the ever-growing number of people who seek massage for health purposes, it is important to understand what lymphatic massage is. Easily, the name of this massage might give a clue to what this massage might possibly do. Nonetheless, this article provides a better understanding and all you need to know about lymphatic massage. Lymphatic […]

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The Side Effects of The Lymphatic Drainage Massage

By Breathe Team | Nov 11, 2019

The lymphatic massage has come to be one of the most-used therapeutic forms of massage available today. It reinvigorates one of the most important core of the body’s functioning system, the lymphatic system. The lymphatic massage has found a wide application and of tremendous service to a reputable number out of the several millions of […]

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The Therapeutic Benefits of Lymphatic Massage

By Breathe Team | Nov 06, 2019

Have you ever wondered about what the benefits of lymphatic massage are? You must have. It is, most likely, why you are here. So, here is a recap about lymphatic massage and then the therapeutic benefits. Lymphatic massage is one of the many forms of massage. However, the uniqueness of this type of massage is […]

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Why am I sore after my massage – Deep tissue?

By Breathe Team | Nov 01, 2019

Massage is a wonderful experience that no one should miss. The health benefits are both physical and internal to anyone who is taking on a session. Picture this.¬† You decided to take a break from your marathon busyness. So, you use the massage on-demand app to invite over a massage therapist for an in-home deep […]

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What is Freestyle Deep Tissue Massage

By Breathe Team | Oct 31, 2019

As at the end of 2018, about 15.4 million adults and 385,000 children ¬†have used massage therapies and the number keeps rising every year. The figures show the effectiveness of massage therapies; if they were not productive, not many people would still be using massage therapies or come as recurring customers. More effective is the […]