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Swedish Massage During Pregnancy?

By Breathe Team | Jul 13, 2020

No doubt, the burden of carrying another human in your bowels is not an easy one. Do we have to mention internal hormonal triggering and feelings that we cannot accurately put into words? Or, need we mention the different forms of pains and pressures that pull on the back, causing ache and other swollen body […]

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Is Lymphatic Massage Painful?

By Breathe Team | Jun 17, 2020

The lymphatic massage is also popularly referred to as lymphatic drainage or the lymphatic drainage massage. Surprisingly, not so much is known about this therapy, and that may be because there is limited research surrounding its subject. However, amidst the little known of this massage, is the most repetitive question as to whether lymphatic massage […]

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How Important is Lymphatic Massage After Lipo?

By Breathe Team | Jun 05, 2020

Recovery from surgical operations is speedy when accompanied by lymphatic drainage massage, post-surgery. After liposuction, the joy of anyone would be to return back to action, as quickly as possible, while slaying with their new bodies. The healing process is not just about having bed rests, gentle and reduced movements, and a healthy diet. Heavens […]

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How Does Swedish Massage Reduce Pain?

By Breathe Team | May 20, 2020

Swedish massage is one of the most popular massage therapies that there are. The origin of Swedish massage dates back to around 800 and 700 BC. Like any other therapy, it is beneficial to relieve the body. It relieves stress in muscles and helps to cause general wellness. However, people want to know if it […]

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Does Lymphatic Massage Help Cellulite?

By Breathe Team | May 09, 2020

Cellulite describes an area of the body where the appearance of the skin is like it has dimples. It is caused by the breakdown of fibrous bands of tissues that hold the skin with muscles. Consequently, fat cells push up into the skin layer, therefore, showing forth as wrinkles or dimples (with small shallow depth. […]