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Advantages of Having an In-home Massage Session

By Breathe Team | Mar 12, 2020

The methods of delivering massage therapy have improved over time, and in the last decade, it has become increasingly popular. While many people still opt for the traditional way of visiting massage spas to get a session done, more people are embracing the advantages of home massage sessions right in their comfort zones. Here are […]

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What is Couples Massage Therapy?

By Breathe Team | Mar 08, 2020

Offered by numerous spas and massage centers, a couples’ massage therapy is a very nice way for companions, friends, and lovers to enjoy the bliss of a massage, simultaneously. The massage can vary from conventional to sensual and erotic, yet every one of them shares a couple of components for all intents and purposes. Depending […]

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Sports Massage vs. Deep Tissue Massage

By Breathe Team | Mar 06, 2020

Some of the most compared forms of massage include sports massage vs deep tissue massage. Here is all you need to know about professional massage therapies including sports massage and deep tissue massage.   What is Sports Massage? Sports massage is a type of massage done by the application of pressure with the palms, forearms, […]

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What to Expect After Lymphatic Massage?

By Breathe Team | Mar 05, 2020

Many people want to know what their body would feel like after lymphatic massage therapy sessions so they can know what to watch out for. Some other people just want to know what exactly it is supposed to be, to check if the post lymphatic drainage massage feeling they are having is absolutely fine and […]

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Can Sports Massage Help a Pulled Muscle?

By Breathe Team | Mar 02, 2020

Sports activities can be very rewarding –the pleasure of winning, the release of hormones that relax the body and even the camaraderie with fellow players. However, injuries could mar the sweetness of a game; the most common sports injury being a pulled muscle. It is easy to pull a muscle when you overstretch, or otherwise […]