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Can Massage Therapy Help Anxiety?

By Breathe Team | Apr 28, 2020

Several people view massage therapy as simply for relaxation, but it goes beyond that. Massage therapy has many benefits, and one of them is improving the mental state. Several studies have been carried out about the relation of massage therapy to the brain. A link between massage therapy and the cortisol level has been found. […]

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Deep Tissue Massage or Swedish

By Breathe Team | Apr 10, 2020

Massage therapy isn’t intended for luxury alone or a day at the spa during vacations. It has many health benefits and can significantly reduce stress while improving circulation in the body. Massage therapy is usually recommended for those recovering from illnesses or those with stiffness in the bones or joint pain. Two popular forms of […]

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Why Sports massage is Important

By Breathe Team | Mar 22, 2020

It is assumed by a lot of people that only professional sportspeople get a sports massage. That is not entirely true. Sports massage is a massage that is simply aimed at alleviating the stress and tension that builds up in our body’s soft tissues during any physical activity. So, whether you are an athlete, or […]

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When is the best Time to Get Sports Massage Therapy

By Breathe Team | Mar 20, 2020

  When exactly is the best time for sports massage? Sports contains series of interesting events that has become everyday activities in the world. Many people spend a lot of funds, investing in sports, globally. Sadly, injuries are common consequences peculiar to sports; therefore, massage therapy becomes an important wellness and treatment procedure for many […]

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What are the Benefits of Sports Massage?

By Breathe Team | Mar 18, 2020

Sports massage therapy refers to the kind of massage which is designed for the prevention and reduction of soft tissue injuries. To do this, sports massage therapists usually apply varying degrees of pressure using their hands or other body parts, such as the elbows, forearms, knees, and even feet to apply pressures. Such pressures include […]